Master's Degree Requirements

To earn a graduate degree, students must complete the following credit hours based on the specific degree earned:
M.A. or M.S. 36 | Select Master’s degrees 30*

Specific requirements for each degree type are listed below.

General Requirements

To earn a graduate degree at Bellevue University, all graduating students must:

  • Satisfy graduate admissions requirements for the desired graduate major.
  • Satisfactorily complete all course requirements in the graduate major.
  • Earn a “C” or better in all required graduate courses.
  • Attain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 in the graduate major.
  • Meet the minimum credit hours and cumulative credit requirements through Bellevue University coursework for their degree type:
    • MA-36 Cumulative-30
    • MS in IT and Business-36 Cumulative-21
    • *MS in Strategic Management-30 Cumulative-30
    • MS All other Master of Science majors-36 Cumulative-30
    • MBA-36 Cumulative-30
    • MHA-36 Cumulative-30
    • MPM-36 Cumulative-30
    • *MPS-30 Cumulative-18

All credit hours are stated in semester hours.
*Certain exceptions apply. Degree requirements can also be found in the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook.

Time to Complete

The length of time to complete a graduate degree for most students attending full-time, each term from start to finish is two years. This time could decrease based on the number of transfer credits accepted and the number of courses taken each term.


An area of focus and in-depth study within a master’s degree program is referred to as a concentration.

  • 9 credit hours in most cases
  • May be taken in addition to the master’s degree requirements
  • In some degree programs concentration hours are counted in the required credit hours

Second Master's Degree

It may be easier than you think to earn a second graduate degree and further boost your professional credentials. Depending on your first degree and your educational goals, you may be eligible to earn a second Master’s degree with as few as 18 credit hours.

If you were awarded a Master's degree and would like to earn a second graduate degree follow these simple steps:

  • Complete all requirements of the first graduate degree and apply to receive the degree. Two graduate degrees may not be awarded simultaneously.
  • If the first degree was not conferred by Bellevue University, you must have your credits evaluated for possible transfer.
  • Have your Bellevue credits evaluated for possible prior credit. With sufficient eligible credits you may be able to complete a minimum of 18 additional graduate credit hours from Bellevue University to earn a second Master’s.*
  • Complete all GPA and other academic procedural requirements in effect at the time of enrollment in a second graduate degree program.

* View examples of degree program combinations that are well-suited for this plan.

Contact your Graduate Student Coach to learn more 1.800.756.7920.